Friday, July 18, 2014

Kawaii Mobile Phone Pouches

Ever since I started using mobile phones, I've always renewed the mobile phone line contract in order to get a new phone at a cheaper rate.  Buying mobile phones without contract are so so so much more expensive!  This year, Redmi came to the rescue -- a brand new phone which cost less than 200 bucks without any contract, Woohoo!!

Being so new in the market, once again I had to make my own mobile phone pouch.  Hmmm.... why does it seem like I often buy phones which do not have ready-made pouches (Thinks back to year 2010)?  Armed with super cute (KAWAII!!!) fabric from a friend, I made 2 pouches -- 1 for my Mum and 1 for myself.  Happy happy :)

Twinkle Twins and Red Riding Hood

Close-up of Red Riding Hood

And Thumberlina on the other side

Friday, July 11, 2014

Hippo Sewing Machine Cover

When I bought my sewing machine, I was very pleased that a cover was included in the package.  It came in a polyester material which seemed water-proof and had a little pocket on one side.  Lo and behold...... 3 years have flown by and the sewing machine cover started to disintegrate!  No matter how gentle I was, each time I held it, little bits of plastic bits would break away..... Oh no.....

I pulled out a cheery fabric that I got from Ikea and made this:

Hippo Sewing Machine Cover
Ah..... now isn't that a happy sight to see on my crafting table :)

Psssst.... do you find this fabric familiar?  That's because I've used it to make a reversible bag years ago!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Makers' Block

Last Sunday, I got the chance to go to Makers' Block: A Build, Craft & Design Experience  which was at Suntec City Mall.  This is the largest learning festival for makers in Singapore, and believe me, it's not very often that you get such an event in Singapore.

Doodle Wall

There was a doodle wall where they invited anyone to draw anything they wanted on the wall.  Now, how often do you get to draw on the wall??  I suppose this is as close as I'll ever get to drawing graffiti :p

One area was dedicated to workshops.  I was attracted to the stamp carving and decided to try my hand at it.  It wasn't as difficult as I expected and the results were so cute!  Oh dear..... I think I'm getting addicted to yet another craft...

Hand-carved rubber stamps
If you are interested in making stuff, it's still not too late to make your way down to Makers' Block which will be on till 7 July.  Check out the schedule for workshops and have fun!!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Blythe Doll goes Flower Gazing

One of the first few Blythe dresses that I made was given to a Blythe doll loving friend.  Here's another of her lovely dolls who went flower gazing in my dress :)

Oh, nice flower...

OOOooooh!!  What a pretty bunch!!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Inline Skates Strap

When you think of sewing, you think of dresses, skirts, pouches, bags...... mostly girly stuff.  But sewing is a useful skill for boy's stuff too.  No, I'm not talking about sewing boy's clothes, or even plush toys (e.g. dinosaurs and elephants).  I'm talking about REAL boy's stuff - inline skates!

Big One's inline skates' velcro strap started showing signs of wear and tear.  A quick check showed that it would cost about $10 to replace the straps with plain, boring black ones.  So I decided to take action before it was too late and started to reinforce the velcro straps with Pokemon cloth!

Now Big One is happy with his unique Pokemon inline skates!

Tacking Pokemon cloth in place

Unique Pokemon inline skate velcro straps

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Blythe Doll Bloomers

A friend of mine bought a Blythe doll clothing pattern book for me.  She mentioned that she liked a certain pattern, so I tried it out.  Here's Misha modelling the bloomers before it got sent over to my friend's dolls:

Misha in bloomers

Saturday, May 3, 2014