Saturday, April 12, 2014

Batik Cloth

Whenever I go fabric shopping at Chinatown, I'm usually with friends.  On the rare occasion that the Hubby comes along, mostly I'll be ooo-ing and aah-ing at the fabric alone.  So I really didn't expect him to offer to buy me some batik fabric when he was overseas for work.  He even sent photos and asked which ones I wanted and how many metres I wanted of each!  I haven't made anything with them yet.  Any suggestions?


Saturday, April 5, 2014

$2 Jacket

When you are specifically looking for something, you won't be able to find it.  When you are not looking for anything, it just jumps right out at you!

My $2 Jacket!
It was a lazy afternoon at a shopping mall.  We were just chilling out after a meal and wandered into some clothing shops.  "$2!", screamed a sign in a quiet corner of the shop.  Curious, I went to take a peek to see what junk they were selling at ridiculously low prices.  There were some owl ornaments with paint chipped off at some places, T-shirts with holes, bikinis with the straps sewn at the wrong place, stained clothes...... you get the idea?  

Well, I kept poking around this area for fun, hoping to find some cute fabric for my sewing projects.  Then I dug up this jacket!  It was a casual office jacket that was fully lined!  I tried it on even though it was a size too small and it fit!!  Getting excited, I checked the tag to see why it was in the sale bin and it said: "hole".  After looking quite hard, I finally found a small little hole at the elbow, nothing that I couldn't fix.  Anyway, who would notice such a teeny tiny hole?

I was beaming all the way home with my $2 catch, telling this incredulous tale to unbelieving family and friends :)

Monday, March 31, 2014

Misha's Owl Dress

The winds were strong and Misha was racing through the forest in search of her beloved owls.  When she came back from her adventure, she looked like this:

Blythe Owl Dress

Friday, March 21, 2014

Cute Pillow Cases

On a trip to Japan, the ever doting grandma bought lavender pillows for all the grandkids.  As these were not the standard sized pillows, there was no cover to be bought from stores.  The whole family went on a fabric shopping trip to Chinatown specially to get what everyone might like.

Cute little rabbit fabric for an animal loving teenage girl:

Lions for a teenage boy:

And Pokemon for young boys:

Which is your favourite?

Friday, March 7, 2014

Shortening a Skirt

When I first started working years back, I got myself some office wear.  Wonder why I chose this calf-length skirt.... was I trying to look older or more mature or something?  Nowadays, I prefer skirts which are just above my knee, so the extra length just had to go.  I like the shorter look.  What do you think?

Marking new hem lines and cutting lines

Skirt is now knee length!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Casual Clothes for Misha

When I go out, I very much prefer a T-shirt and shorts ensemble to girly skirts and dresses if it's just a casual trip out -- makes it much easier to chase and carry the Little One around.  So Misha needs to have some casual wear of her own too:

Casual T-shirt

Casual wear

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Blythe Party Dress

Misha wearing a party dress

Misha finally got out of the house!  Wearing a cute dress made using the Party Dress pattern from Puchi Collective, Misha gazed around at her new surroundings for just a teeny while before her shy owner stuffed her back into a bag.  Oh well, maybe next time :p