Friday, October 16, 2015

Tissue Paper Holder & Pouch

Have you ever encountered this scenario?  It's time for lunch and you grab your wallet, tissue paper, office access card and mobile phone, then you realise that you are juggling all these items while trying lock the office door and accidentally drop something or, even worse, everything on the floor!  Well, I got fed up of carrying everything separately and decided to make something to solve this problem.
  1. I needed a compartment for tissue paper
  2. I needed a compartment for office access cards and keys
  3. I needed this to be able to attach to a lanyard so that it's hands-free!
So, I grabbed some fabric from an old skirt that my friend kindly donated to me and came up with this:

Tissue Paper Holder & Pouch
It is slightly bigger that the usual tissue paper holder, so it can easily hold cards and keys or some spare change, and the loop at the end allows for it to be attached to a lanyard.  Now, this holds everything I need except my mobile phone.  No worries!  I have a cute pouch for this purpose :)

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