Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Changing Direction

Stock photography was what I started with..... no matter where I went, I had a camera in my bag, just in case there was something interesting enough for stock.  However, not being a professional photographer had it's downside.... lots of photo processing.  Almost every night, I would scrutinise my photos, looking for "noise" or purple streaks.  More time would be spent on correcting the lighting or colour or cropping out an object from the messy background.  I started to feel that this was not going to work. Thus, a change in direction.

I moved on to creating my own graphics and cartoons.  Discovering Inkscape was the best thing for me -- it was an open source vector drawing software, totally FREE!  Step by step, day by day, I slowly learnt the ropes..... of drawing, of Inkscape..... I was hooked.  From cringe-worthy products like this:

to my only piece created from a photo below. 6 solid hours over 3 nights with my fingers curled over the mouse and eyes glued to the monitor.  It was well worth the effort I think =) What do you think?

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