Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ulysses' Siblings

Remember Ulysses who now lives in a car? 3 more little fellows from my new batch of owls also made their way to Ulysses' owner.  Here are 2 of them (the remaining one not in this photo has a red tummy):

Those 2 little fellas above were given to 2 little girls who already have many soft toys, so Mummy was expecting them to play with them for a while then forget about them. Then, she'll be able to take all of those little owls as her own and place them in the display cabinet.  However, things did not go as planned.....

Somehow because the owls are small and round, the girls giggle whenever they see them because they look so comical.  They're quite convenient as distractions whenever the kids are fretting. 

The owl with the blue tummy has been named "Tweety" and is permanently paired with a little blue dolphin.  The owl with the orange tummy is call "Angel" because "she has wings and can fly"..... now, who's to fight with an imaginative kid?

Mummy took the owl with the red tummy as her own and suggested calling her "Rosie Redbreast", but the girls say she's Ulysses' elder sister (the owl in the car), so it's name got changed to Athena (Greek goddess of wisdom who is often shown together with an owl). But the kids were playing with her in the car the other day, giggling and making her roll around, so now her name has become "Athena Rosie Roly-Poly Redbreast".

Now now now, who said kids would only be happy with expensive toys bought from high end toy stores?

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