Sunday, July 31, 2011

Stegosaurus Plush

The little one is crazy over dinosaurs!!  He watches dinosaur movies over and over again. He walks like a dinosaur.  He roars like a dinosaur. Yes, he IS a little dinosaur (that's what he tells me).

For his birthday present, I decided to make a plush stegosaurus.  With little experience in making plush toys (other than the little owls), I scored the web for help.  With fingers, and toes, crossed, I started cutting up the fabric and felt.  Luckily, nothing much went wrong and here's the final product!!

This one's for you, little one :)

(For the record, he had a dinosaur birthday cake, got a T-Rex shirt, 1 triceratops toy that roars and talks, 1 T-Rex plush toy, and this Stegosaurus made by me)

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