Monday, September 12, 2011

Boring Mattress Covers

A plain, boring pillowcase brought me back to the world of sewing after years away from it.  At a time when my mind was running wild (not in the good sense), when I was having difficulty sleeping, something boring was just the thing to save me.  Though nothing complicated, the whole process of planning, measuring,  cutting and sewing, forced my mind to the task at hand, taking it away from other darker places.

Here's a grubby looking foldable mattress..... and no wonder it turned out that way..... it did not come with any cover and there was none to be bought.

Armed with cloth bought from Ang Mo Kio (a mature town in central Singapore), where a shop which only sells cloth still exists, I started sewing, sewing, sewing, sewing into the night.  Here are the end products:

Totally exhausted, I fell asleep..... without thinking about things I didn't want to think about.....

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