Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Another Year On...

Another year gone by, another year older... more and more things to learn.

Was rummaging through some of my old stuff a few days back and found lots and lots of partially-used wool, cloth, binding, etc etc etc. There was a whole big drawer full of these remanents from school days!  I was never much of a knitter nor crochet-er, why in the world did I buy so much wool??

Anyway,  since I found my crochet needle too, I decided to learn how to make amigurumi (crochet stuffed animals).  The ones I saw on the web were soooooo cute.  I started  by watching this tutorial and played and paused and played and paused until I figured out how to do it.  After several attempts (and several hours), I finally managed a decent looking ball shaped thingy with 2 beady eyes =)

Now I need to run to the craft store to buy needles to sew wool (what are these called?).  Hopefully, I'd get a decent looking amigurumi after patching everything together.

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