Monday, July 2, 2012

Card Holder - 2nd Attempt

After struggling with my first DIY card holder for months, I finally got down to making a new one.  The fabric for this project was a sweet, slightly dirty pink with dainty flowers (courtesy of M.  She passed me some scrap cloth when I was working on her cushion covers).  For this project, I decided to use one of my many lanyards that I've collected from meetings/conferences.  Here's a list of material that I used:

1) pink outer fabric
2) black inner fabric
3) black elastic
4) iron-on interfacing
5) lanyard with hook

With lots of estimation (did I mention that I'm not a precise kind of sewer?), here's the final product:
Note: the tab at the top right is where I attached the lanyard.

Inside of card holder (I use it to hold keys too!)

Closed card holder with black elastic band

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