Monday, August 13, 2012

Low Cost DIY Bag

Last year, I made a reversible bag using a tutorial from verpurpleperson.  After using it for months, it was starting to get dirty and grubby, so it was time for another DIY bag!  The materials for this bag are:

1) Brown fabric ($1 from the As-is corner at Ikea)
2) Japanese kimono cloth (left over from older projects like this and this)
3) Flowery cloth for the lining
4) Detachable strap from another bag

I like my bags with lots of packets, so there are:

  • 2 pockets attached to the gusset pieces on the inside
  • 1 zipper compartment on the inside of the flap of the bag
  • 1 zipper compartment strengthened with interfacing (to prevent my keys from poking a hole in it) for the back of the bag
  • 2 more side slip pockets on the external gusset pieces
I spent a relaxed morning planning, measuring and cutting up the cloth, and the rest of the afternoon piecing everything together.  Here's the final product:

DIY bag with kimono cloth accents

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