Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pom Pom Monsters

Yesterday (7 Sep 2012) was Teachers' Day in Singapore.  Having heard that there's a culture of preparing gifts for teachers in preschool, I got down to work real early so that I could involve the little one too.

Stuff needed:
1) Wool pom poms
2) Googly eyes
3) Furry noses
4) Hot glue gun

This project is really simple for little kids - just glue on eyes and noses onto the wool pom poms and there you have it - Pom Pom Monsters!!  This little fellow was made by my kid using regular white glue:

Pom Pom Monster

Pity the eyes and nose kept threatening to drop off any time...... So with the little one napping, I redid the whole batch using my hot glue gun instead.  Here's the whole brood of them before I sent them to the preschool:

Pom Pom Monsters in different colours

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