Monday, October 22, 2012

Kid's Cute Pillow Cases

My little one brings along a pillow for nap time at preschool.  Having bought some cute fabric previously which was sitting pretty in my cupboard for ages, I finally dusted them off and made some new pillow cases for him.  The little one saw the whole process of measuring, cutting and sewing and was absolutely thrilled to see the final product, insisting that he had to show his teacher the next school day =)

Here's the blue one:

Cute blue ducky pillow case

and here's the yellow one:
Cute yellow ducky pillow case
With these cute pillow cases, I wonder why on earth I spent more than $10 per pillow case a few years back...... hmmmmm.....


  1. jajajajaja porque a veces no nos damos cuenta de lo que tenemos delante nuestro.....Es sencillamente bonita, seguro que tu hija est√° encantada....
    hahaha because sometimes we are not aware what we have in front of us.....Is very pretty..... sure your daughter is happy. I like
    (sorry, google translator)

  2. Yeah.... sometimes we don't realise the good things we have...