Friday, November 30, 2012

Chair Cover

We've got lots of Ikea stuff at home, and this was another addition from Ikea - JULES Visitor's chair:

Ikea's JULES Visitor's Chair (before)

Functional? Yes.  Comfortable? No.... way too hard for me... I took this opportunity to whip out my fabric and sewing machine yet again in an attempt to make it more comfortable.  Similar to my previous project to make a chair cover, I just spent lots of time measuring and hoped for the best =p

Since I felt that this chair was too hard, I bought some batting and sort of quilted it to my chosen fabric.  After lots and lots of diagonal lines, I declared the quilting portion completed (initial plan was to do a crisscross kind of quilting.... but I got lazy).  Now, moving on to sewing the pieces together..... here it is:

Ikea's JULES Visitor's Chair (after)
Does the fabric look familiar??  Well, that's because it has been used here and here and here and here and here and here.

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