Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sturdy Fabric Box

We shifted an old bookshelf near to the main door so that we could dump our bags and stuff when we come home each day.  Being door-less, you could see all it's contents AND it was facing our main door for all to see.  The shelves were not the standard Ikea size that you could get organising boxes for, so it had to be customised.

This project was 100% upcycled - outer fabric was from an old mattress cover (which I also used to make a cushion cover), and the inner fabric was an old bedsheet from my Mum that has not been used in decades, no kidding!

Unlike my other fabric box, I needed this to be sturdy and be able to hold it's shape, so I used corrugated plastic.  I made the fabric box in such a way that the corrugated plastic could be removed and the fabric box could be thrown into the wash.

Here they are:

Upcycled sturdy fabric boxes
And look!  Doesn't this look neat with most things hidden from view?
Sturdy fabric boxes


  1. great job!well done!

  2. Pues te ha quedado genial!!!! no tienes que envidiar a los de Ikea....estos cajones tuyos están fantásticos.....I like!!!!!