Thursday, October 24, 2013

Owl Skirt

This is a long overdue post about a skirt that I made for myself more than a year ago.  I hardly sew clothes for myself (other than this DIY shorts) for fear that it'll end up horrible looking and I'd have to throw it out.... what a waste of time, effort AND fabric!

Of course, I visited my best friend, Google, and visited numerous sites in search of something do-able, a skirt maybe?  My favourite was "The Circle Skirt Tutorial" by MADE.  Clear tutorial, GORGEOUS photos of skirts!  Pity I didn't have enough fabric to make a circle skirt, so I adapted and just used a rectangular piece of cloth and attached it to a 2-inch thick black elastic.  I also added pockets as I always seem to have something to carry around..... tissue paper, mobile phone etc... So here it is:

DIY Owl Skirt

Pockets added to skirt

Didn't turn out too bad, right?  Well..... as I was sewing the owl cloth to the elastic band, I was struggling so badly with it.... In the process, I think I overstretched the elastic and the skirt ended up way too big.  See.... what did I tell you about wasting time effort and fabric?

So this skirt was hanging in my wardrobe for months and months until one fine day, it fitted me perfectly!  I was preggy and this once-too-big waistband fitted under my belly just right!  Phew... luckily I didn't throw it out.

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