Saturday, April 5, 2014

$2 Jacket

When you are specifically looking for something, you won't be able to find it.  When you are not looking for anything, it just jumps right out at you!

My $2 Jacket!
It was a lazy afternoon at a shopping mall.  We were just chilling out after a meal and wandered into some clothing shops.  "$2!", screamed a sign in a quiet corner of the shop.  Curious, I went to take a peek to see what junk they were selling at ridiculously low prices.  There were some owl ornaments with paint chipped off at some places, T-shirts with holes, bikinis with the straps sewn at the wrong place, stained clothes...... you get the idea?  

Well, I kept poking around this area for fun, hoping to find some cute fabric for my sewing projects.  Then I dug up this jacket!  It was a casual office jacket that was fully lined!  I tried it on even though it was a size too small and it fit!!  Getting excited, I checked the tag to see why it was in the sale bin and it said: "hole".  After looking quite hard, I finally found a small little hole at the elbow, nothing that I couldn't fix.  Anyway, who would notice such a teeny tiny hole?

I was beaming all the way home with my $2 catch, telling this incredulous tale to unbelieving family and friends :)

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