Friday, July 18, 2014

Kawaii Mobile Phone Pouches

Ever since I started using mobile phones, I've always renewed the mobile phone line contract in order to get a new phone at a cheaper rate.  Buying mobile phones without contract are so so so much more expensive!  This year, Redmi came to the rescue -- a brand new phone which cost less than 200 bucks without any contract, Woohoo!!

Being so new in the market, once again I had to make my own mobile phone pouch.  Hmmm.... why does it seem like I often buy phones which do not have ready-made pouches (Thinks back to year 2010)?  Armed with super cute (KAWAII!!!) fabric from a friend, I made 2 pouches -- 1 for my Mum and 1 for myself.  Happy happy :)

Twinkle Twins and Red Riding Hood

Close-up of Red Riding Hood

And Thumberlina on the other side

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