Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I Didn't Throw It Away

When Agy of Green Issues by Agy asked if I had anything that I have kept for more than 20 years, I went "Yes!!!"  I'm a hoarder by nature and get attached to the stuff I own, afterwhich I'll have trouble throwing them away.  So here I am, part of the Blog Train!

Out of the many things that I've kept for more than 20 years, I chose 2 cross-stitch work which i worked on as a kid.  Each was lovingly framed up by my Mum and were displayed in the home for many years.  Now, these are displayed in my own home :)

From what I remember, this rabbit cross-stitch could be my 2nd cross-stitch I've ever done.  While not exactly perfect (colours available in school didn't match the pattern exactly), this could have been the start of more complicated work.

This 2nd piece of work is a favourite of my Mum's.  The cost of all the material was sponsored by my Grandma as a birthday present and I couldn't wait to get started on it the moment my exams were over.  That year, my Grandma fell sick during the school holidays.... I would stay home with her, slowly working on the biggest and most complicated cross-stitch I've ever done.  Grandma passed away that year.....

Why haven't I thrown these away after all these years?  Because they were a part of me.  Because the latter piece reminds me of how much Grandma loved me...

This post is part of a blog train hosted by Agatha from Green Issues by Agy on "I Didn't Throw It Away"

We have become such a throw-away society, but there are some things in our households that we still keep. Why is that so? Perhaps this blog train can unlock the reasons behind it! Follow the daily posts on this blog train and read about the stories behind the things we have kept for many years and why we didn't throw them away.

Tomorrow YP from Lapis William will share with us the stories behind the things she didn't throw away.  

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  1. Hey, beautiful cross stitch work here! Thanks for taking part :-)