Friday, May 22, 2015

Ducky Operation

Do you recall playing with toys that can make some sound or even talk if you give it a squeeze or a hug?  There were 2 problems with such toys:
  1. They can't be washed as there's some electronics inside
  2. They stop talking/making noise when the battery runs out
So what can you do about that?  Upon request, I was told to "operate" on such a toy.  First, i unpicked some stitches to get the electronics out.  Next, I used some scrap cloth to sew a little pocket to the opening I created:

Toy with added "pocket"

Now, stuff the little pocket of cloth back into the toy, and you can insert the electronics back in:

Hidden pocket for electronics

Ta-daa! With this little pocket, you can remove the electronics when you need to wash the toy or when a change of batteries are needed.  Isn't that easier and cleaner too?

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