Thursday, November 4, 2010

How many feet does a sewing machine have?

It was many years ago that my mum bought a sewing machine, mostly for my use I guess as sewing was not her thing. All these while, I never knew that the sewing machine had more than 1 foot, much less that the foot could be removed!! To my amazement, the foot could be removed by pressing a little lever gently..... oh no..... will I be able to fix it back??!! And that funny little piece that came with my sewing machine is called a zipper foot!

Armed once again with the cute cartoon cloth from an old curtain, I dug into my mum's sewing kit and found a white zipper (oh well, it was yellowish with age) and with that I decided to give the never used zipper foot a go.  After boosting my confidence with many tutorials on how to sew zippers and lined pouches (twelve 22 has a great tutorial!) here's the end result.  Not perfect, but hey, I'm happy =)

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