Thursday, December 1, 2011

More Cushion Covers

Remember the cushion covers I made for M many months back?  She wanted more cushion covers to replace old looking ones in her house so that they'll look nicer when Christmas comes.  So here I went again, sewing more cushion covers....

This time round, I did things a little differently from the previous batch of cushion covers.
1) I used the zig-zag stitch to "serge" the edges with my new sewing machine.  Previously I hemmed all edges as my old sewing machine could only do straight stitches, which almost killed me as it took up so much time!
2) I experimented on hidden zippers using my invisible zipper foot.  Luckily all went well..... phew!

Here's a photo of all the cushion covers, previous and current batches:

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