Thursday, December 8, 2011

Calligraphy + embroidery

Many many years back, I learnt calligraphy in school.  Each lesson was spent drawing guidelines in pencil, using the calligraphy pen to write poems, and drawing a decorative border around the words.  At around the same time, I was introduced to embroidery.  We sewed lots of different stitches and were graded on the neatness of our work.

Fast forward many years later -- Here I am, combining calligraphy and embroidery late at night.  The little one has started school and to avoid any confusion, I started sewing his name on his uniforms.  After about an hour, neat stitches of his name in cursive script can now be seen on 2 sets of uniforms.

It's always good to learn more things.  We'll never know when we'll need these skills at some point in life...

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