Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cute Japanese Fabric

It's been some time since I last went to Chinatown for fabric shopping.  Remember the Tokai Senko Japanese fabric that I made into cushion covers and little pouches?  Or the kimono cloth from which I made a little drawstring pouch as a birthday present?  Well, since I was going to meet my friend for a belated birthday lunch, I chose a restaurant in the Chinatown area so that we could go shopping after that.  It's not the kind of shopping that my friend was used to but she went along with it since it was my birthday.

I wasn't looking for anything in particular, just wanted to browse and see what the many little shops had to offer.  Unexpectedly, we found shops selling rather unique looking bags.  And surprise surprise, we found some clothing shops that had rather nice clothes at rather reasonable prices! *friend happily goes in and out of changing room* 

We were just about to enter a strange looking clothing store when my friend's boyfriend called to check if she was spending money shopping.  He must have had a very good radar, because that store was the killer!  Lovely handmade clothes designed by the store owner were made with Japanese fabric and were really unique!!  *more going in and out of changing room* =p

I managed to resist buying any clothes that day, but..........  I just couldn't resist these cute Japanese fabric!!!  Aren't the rabbits, owls and little girls cute????

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