Monday, February 13, 2012

Drawstring Pouch for Sunglasses

Just before we went on a family trip to Gold Coast, Australia, we bought a cool pair of sunglasses for the little one.  It didn't come with a casing and I didn't want those sunglasses being scratched by other stuff in his bag, so I let the little one choose a fabric he liked from the cute Japanese fabric that I bought from Chinatown.  He chose the bright red one with cute little rabbits on it!  With a quick snip of the scissors, some quick sewing, add in a bright yellow cord, and here it is - a cute little drawstring pouch for his sunglasses!  The bright red makes it really easy to find among other things in his bag =)

drawstring pouch
Sunglasses on cute rabbit drawstring pouch

drawstring pouch
Sunglasses inside cute rabbit drawstring pouch

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