Monday, May 21, 2012

Cushion Covers for Mum

The last time that mum changed the cloth cover of the dining room chairs was years and years ago.  So off she went, looking for nice fabric to change them.  She managed to get some lovely dark and light brown fabric that was quite thick, yet had that satin finish on it.... nice =)

But before she had the time to tear out the old cloth covers from the dining room chairs, the dining table broke!!  When that happened, Chinese New Year was just around the corner, so started the frantic search for a new dining table.  They eventuallly found one, and it came as set with 6 dining room chairs.  These chairs had seperate cushions and the covers for these supposedly cost $50+ each??!!  No way we're paying that much for cushion covers!

So I grabbed the fabric that was previously bought, and turned them into a set of cushion covers with invisible zippers for the new chairs.  Take a look:

cushion cover

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