Thursday, May 23, 2013


When I was in school, my textbooks had doodlings on almost every page.  From simple smiley faces, to cute little animals.  Over the years, I learnt how to draw new things, new styles, but.... I've never ever drawn dinosaurs.

With the Angry Bird craze a few years back, my drawing skills were still able to satisfy my little boy. One day, he wanted me to draw dinosaurs!  'Mummy doesn't know how to draw dinosaurs, dear', I went.  But he insisted, urging me on, even acted out the pose of the T-rex I was supposed to draw.  My dinosaurs then were hardly cute, actually not even very nice, but he was happy with them.

Now, as a tribute to my boy, I've started a range of dinosaur cartoons on my Zazzle products:

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  1. I like the stegosaurus sandwich :-) Love the colours!