Sunday, May 12, 2013

Temporary Alteration to Baby's Clothes

Babies grow up very fast.... one day, they are wearing this comfy, cute little onesis, and then just days later baby seems ready to do an incredible hulk, stretching that same cute little onesis to it's seams!

We found a set of cute clothing (a shirt for toddlers, and an onesis) with the same design, but there was one problem: the smallest size available for the onesis was way too big for baby.  Elder kid was so excited about wearing the same design as baby that we decided to buy the set and see what we can do about the onesis.

Here's what it looked like straight from the store, way too long for baby:
Too-big store bought onesis

With a little adjustment, and just one line of machine sewing, it became:
Altered onesis

There was no cutting at all, and once baby outgrows this, I'll unpick that one line of machine sewing and make it slightly longer, longer until it's original size.  Here's one onesis that will last more than a month =p

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