Thursday, September 12, 2013

Custom Owl Pillow Cases and Cushion Covers

All the way back in 2011, I sewed cushion covers for M.  Just like the previous instances (see here and here), M provided me with the material once again to make pillow cases this time round.  The material was a comforter cover that was purchased from Ikea and it had such ADORABLE OWLS on it, that I just had to work on it almost immediately after I got my hands on it.

Here are the pillow cases:
Owl Pillow Case

Owl Pillow Case

There was still quite a lot of fabric leftover after making 4 pillow cases, so I went on to make cushion covers:

Owl Cushion Covers

Within a few days, these were sent to M and she was nice enough to send me this photo:

Owls, owls, and more owls

Isn't that an amazing overdose of owls???  And look, she even included my 3 handmade owls (read more about them here and here) in the photo :)

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