Monday, September 30, 2013

My First Craft Party

Last Saturday, I attended my first ever Craft Party that was hosted by Katrina Alana, Kokoru Corrugated Paper and Crafty Singapore.  FUN FUN FUN!!!  This was no easy feat as the party was to last for 2 hours!  What about my 2 little fellows??  Luckily, hubby took both of them to a nearby mall while I enjoyed my craft party totally uninterrupted, a very rare treat!

As this was my first craft party, I didn't quite know what to expect.  I did bring some business cards along but didn't give any out as I was busy helping to set-up the place at the start, and was rushing off at the end.  There was lots of corrugated paper to go around and there were many glue guns provided.  And of course there was food and drinks... I love the little cupcakes with dainty flowers piped on them.

Corrugated paper provided by Kokoru

Katrina had also prepared some templates to create cute gnomes, owls, mushrooms and other cute stuff just in case anyone wanted to make her cute creations.  Throwing all caution into the air, I decided to just create something new -- a dinosaur!  Here's my first little critter:

Paper craft stegosaurus

Trying to replicate a more complete scene like Katrina's, I made a simple scene to put the little stegosaurus in:

Dinosaur Scene

Seeing my little stegosaurus, someone asked if I had a son.  Hahaha... YES!  All Mummies know that boys go crazy over dinosaurs at some point in their lives I suppose ;)

So that's my little adventure in crafty-land and I TOTALLY ENJOYED IT!!!!  This paper craft is quite addictive and I can't wait to make more stuff from the corrugated paper that was included in our goodie bags :)

Update: Here's a friend for little Stegosaurus =)


  1. As u had to rush, I didn't get a pic of it! I absolutely loved your Dinosaur! Thanks for stopping by:)

  2. Yeah.... just when I finished and thought I could enjoy some food and drinks and chat with you gals, my little one called. I practically gulped down my drink and shoved the poor cupcake and puff pastry into my mouth.... hahahhaha

  3. This is awesome stuff! Absolutely adore your little Dino :) hope to catch up again!

  4. Was great to meet you there Nueyer! I think your little Dino was my favourite creation of the day :)

  5. Cute dino! Hope to see more of your creations.

  6. Hi Katrina! Here's another dinosaur that I made with my little one =p