Sunday, January 12, 2014

Blythe Dolls and Clothes

A few years ago, I got to know about Blythe dolls through a friend.  I'd never heard of them before so I turned to my best friends -- Google and Wikipedia.  According to Wikipedia, this doll was created in 1972 and was initially only sold for 1 year in the USA by toy company Kenner.  What I though was interesting, was that the eyes of the doll can be changed by a pull of a string!

Blythe Doll
When I visited my Blythe doll loving friend last year, I finally got to touch a Blythe doll!  She was pretty cool about letting me and my kid try changing the eye colour by pulling a string, but I was so scared that I'd somehow manage to pull too hard and spoil it...

Apparently, there's also a market for Blythe doll clothing and my friend sent me some links to some really really really cute Blythe doll clothing stores.  They were so cute that I felt like getting similar clothes for myself.... hahahaha.  This was my personal favourite from CHU THINGS:

"Tiffany's Flowers" for Neo Blythe Dolls by CHU THINGS
Wouldn't you love a dress like that for yourself?

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