Thursday, January 23, 2014

First Attempt at Blythe Doll Clothes

In the new year of 2014, I tried something new -- Blythe Doll clothes!  After lots of prompting from a friend, I started making clothes for Blythe Dolls.  Armed with lots of links to free patterns, I tried out two from Puchi Collective.  Initially, I made a mistake and sewed up sides that were meant to be open, then I jammed up the sewing machine and almost ruined the A-line dress as it was small and fiddly to handle...

After some unpicking, re-sewing, I finally came up with 2 completed dresses.  The following photos are courtesy of my Blythe-loving friend modelling the dresses on her lovely dolls:

Polka-dot Empire Dress

A-line Dress

Blythe dresses


  1. Extremely cute! I like how the flowers sit at the bottom of the dress :-)

  2. Thanks!! On hindsight, the more flamboyant and loud prints on the back of the dress might have looked nicer if they were in front :p