Friday, September 12, 2014

Upcycled Bed Sheets

Ok.... I have to admit this upcycling project is a little weird..... and that's because I'm upcycling bedsheets into, well, bedsheets.  No, I've not gone bonkers, let me explain.

As a kid, I would get to choose some cute bedsheets once in a while.  The quality of things of that time were really good - they didn't tear nor grow little bumps.  In line with more thrifty practices of old, if it's still usable, it can't be thrown out.  I grew up, the cloth faded a little, the elastic corners lost it's elasticity but Mum kept the bedsheets anyway.

Fast forward, now Mum is looking after my Little One and he has a mattress that he sleeps on in the day.  Mum requested that I use the old bedsheets to make a mattress cover (one which covers the mattress all around, not just the top).  I just sewed 2 old bedsheets together, added some cute buttons and ta-daa - a new mattress cover!

Matrees cover upcycled from old bedsheets

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