Friday, September 19, 2014

Velcro Reflector Strips

This is another boy's theme post.  Previously I had inline skates straps, and a kick scooter carrying strap.

Today I have for you velcro reflector strips!  At Diaso (a shop which sells EVERYTHING for $2), there were reflector strips with velcro that you could wear round your waist or leg or wherever.  I wanted to attach them to a kick scooter, so I cut them down, sewed on some pokey velcro at one end, and managed to get a few short velcro reflector strips instead of just 1.  The great thing is that you can easily remove them anytime you want :)

Using zigzag stitch to secure pokey velcro to one end

Velcro them all over kick scooter!


  1. Love the idea of having the reflectors with straps!

    1. Neat idea isn't it? The things you can find at Diaso!