Tuesday, February 21, 2012

DIY Terrarium

I was going to get a newly renovated office space and thought that it would be good to have some greenery at my cubicle.  With dry air-conditioned air, and periods when I could be away from office for days, I wanted something that would not require much care and could still survive.  Thus, the idea of having a terrarium popped up.

Trusty Google brought up many pretty terrariums, some were even for sale locally.  I was really tempted to buy a cute little Angry Bird Terrarium, but decided against it because of the cost.  So I got down to sourcing for cheap materials for my DIY terrarium.  Here's the breakdown of the cost:

used glass bottles: free
small stones for drainage: S$2
small blue gravel for decoration: S$2
soil: S$2
activated charcoal: $2.5
plastic netting to separate soil from drainage stones: S$2
plant: S$4

After completing the 2 terrariums above, I still had half a pack of blue gravel, more than 2/3 pack of soil, 1 small pack of activated charcoal, 2 and a half pieces of plastic netting, 3/4 of the potted plant enjoying the sun outdoors.  Hmmmm..... I should start looking for a bigger, prettier glass container to make more terrariums ;)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Drawstring Pouch for Sunglasses

Just before we went on a family trip to Gold Coast, Australia, we bought a cool pair of sunglasses for the little one.  It didn't come with a casing and I didn't want those sunglasses being scratched by other stuff in his bag, so I let the little one choose a fabric he liked from the cute Japanese fabric that I bought from Chinatown.  He chose the bright red one with cute little rabbits on it!  With a quick snip of the scissors, some quick sewing, add in a bright yellow cord, and here it is - a cute little drawstring pouch for his sunglasses!  The bright red makes it really easy to find among other things in his bag =)

drawstring pouch
Sunglasses on cute rabbit drawstring pouch

drawstring pouch
Sunglasses inside cute rabbit drawstring pouch