Monday, December 20, 2010

My Little Music Girl is on youtube

Someone left a message in my iStock mailbox.... one of my illustrations was used in this youtube video. My little music girl is on youtube!!!!! =)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

More iPhone Cases!

iPhone cases at Zazzle performed better than expected.  The Christmas season must have helped, where people are on the lookout for Christmas presents for their friends and family.  Since iPhones are the craze now, I've added more iPhone cases to my Zazzle Store.

Cute Ladybirds / Ladybugs

Rollerblading / Inline Skating Girl

Besides gifts for the iPhone or iPad fan, how about a brand new apron for mum?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas is Coming!!!

The end of the year is near.  Have you got ready all your Christmas gifts for friends and family?  How about getting some cute winter-themed items from Zazzle?  From iPhone and iPad cases to cute christmas cards and a calendar for 2011.  Take your pick!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Little Odd Forest

Found this lovely site one day - Little Odd Forest.  Set up by a very talented Singaporean, this is one shop that has heaps and heaps and heaps of unusual stuff.  Even though prices are a little steep, I believe that that is the pricetag for one-of-a-kind items.  Why not get something for that someone special in your life?

Another Item on Etsy

A new pouch for sale in my Etsy Store!  Another item made from Tokai Senko Japanese fabric =)

Kimono Cloth

This kimono-like fabric was an impulse buy.... didn't know what I was going to do with it, but I liked the texture and the pattern.  $$$ fly away...

Finally decided to let this fabric go under the knife..... *ouch*.  Just when I thought that I was getting used to sewing zippers, I made a silly silly silly mistake.... Thinking that it would look nicer if I sewed REALLY close to the zipper...... BIG mistake.  Only when the whole pouch was completed did I realise that the zipper was stuck in some places!!! Oh no!!!

Even though I liked how the finished product looked, I couldn't bring myself to put it up for sale on Etsy because of the zipper problem.  After keeping it for a few days, I decided to give it away..... at least all that effort wouldn't be wasted.

My Etsy Store!!!

In my search for sewing tutorials and how to make cute and unusual things, I came to know about Etsy.  It was a real eye opener!!  It works something like ebay, but items sold have to me handmade..... great formula for creative people to gather!  I got my first rotary cutter from Etsy..... fell in love with it....

Couldn't resist..... just had to get my own Etsy store, Angel Hearts Crafts, here (!!  I dope that in my own way, I'll be able to contribute through my Etsy store.  Just a thought..... maybe when sales pick up, I'll do a donation with purchase kind of thingy, i.e. $1 will be donated to XXX charity for each item sold.... Well, hope that sales will pick up to make the donation substantial enough.....

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Owls, owls and more owls

Aren't these owls adorable?????  They are from The Owl Project. Such innocent eyes, such nice coloured bellies..... I couldn't resist trying to make my very own owls.  Being the first try, completing 2 little owls took AGES!!!  By the time I completed them, it was way past midnight... setting them up for photographs and uploading them took even more precious minutes of sleep away from my already tired body.......
The blue owl, made from upcycled denim and a blue flowery belly, is available for sale at my Etsy store!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My First Item on Etsy!!

I wanted my first item on Etsy to be something special, something that was different..... here's what I came up with:  a small pouch with an unusual shape, sort of like an elongated "five stones" "stone".  Made from brown flowery japanese fabric from Tokai Senko and lined with yellow flowery fabric.  I think it's kind of cute.  What do you think?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Leftover Tokai Senko Fabric

Previously, I made 2 cushion covers from a brown flowery japanese fabric from Tokai Senko.  This being the most expensive cloth that I've ever bought (I'm not a seasoned fabric buyer..... yet...), I measured and checked and checked again and again before I cut the cloth, hoping that the 1 metre that I bought would be sufficient for 2 cushion covers.  And I had a strip of the cloth left that could easily be made into a few small items.

An order of zippers from ebay came in the mail, so I thought it was a good time to practice with the zipper foot again.

Boxy Pouch Tutorial

This pouch is lovely!!  Take a look at the tutorial at three bears.

Japanese Fabric Cushion Cover

I love this Japanese fabric from Tokai Senko!!  Heard lots about People's Park (at Singapore's Chinatown) where there are many shops selling fabric..... lovely place for a morning of fabric window shopping.... oh well, I couldn't resist just window shopping =p  After some sucess with the zipper pouch, I decided to try out cushion covers with hidden zips.

Back to googling and here's a great tutorial from Mildly Crafty.  Clear pictorial instructions, lovely fabric, great end result..... seems simple enough for me to handle.  So off I go..... it was sooooo exhausting to complete the first cushion cover!  It was at best presentable, but not perfect.  After a day's rest, I started on the second identical cushion cover.  Now, this I was proud of -- looked like something you would get at some fancy shop going for lots of $$$$.

Tried new things, learnt new things, more things to learn...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

How many feet does a sewing machine have?

It was many years ago that my mum bought a sewing machine, mostly for my use I guess as sewing was not her thing. All these while, I never knew that the sewing machine had more than 1 foot, much less that the foot could be removed!! To my amazement, the foot could be removed by pressing a little lever gently..... oh no..... will I be able to fix it back??!! And that funny little piece that came with my sewing machine is called a zipper foot!

Armed once again with the cute cartoon cloth from an old curtain, I dug into my mum's sewing kit and found a white zipper (oh well, it was yellowish with age) and with that I decided to give the never used zipper foot a go.  After boosting my confidence with many tutorials on how to sew zippers and lined pouches (twelve 22 has a great tutorial!) here's the end result.  Not perfect, but hey, I'm happy =)

Handphone Pouch

Some months back, I got myself a new phone -- X10 Mini Pro!! It wasn't of a conventional shape or size, and it had a full qwerty keyboard that slid out. Hanphone pouches that I had were too big for the cute little fellow. That's how this set of self-made handphone pouches came about =)


I remember sewing cross-stitch projects into the night. I remember sewing a blouse, a pair of shorts, an apron when I was in school... slowly, slowly, I didn't sew anything except buttons that fell off my clothes.

Now, I have a new found love for sewing/crafting again.... this bag turned out pretty nicely after doing some research online for lined bags....

This bag is mostly made from upcycled (did you know that there was such a word?? I didn't!) material -- blue denim from a pair of old jeans and cartoon cloth from an old curtain. Only the lining of the interior of the bag was made from new material. I like this, I hope the owner likes it too =)