Friday, November 5, 2010

Japanese Fabric Cushion Cover

I love this Japanese fabric from Tokai Senko!!  Heard lots about People's Park (at Singapore's Chinatown) where there are many shops selling fabric..... lovely place for a morning of fabric window shopping.... oh well, I couldn't resist just window shopping =p  After some sucess with the zipper pouch, I decided to try out cushion covers with hidden zips.

Back to googling and here's a great tutorial from Mildly Crafty.  Clear pictorial instructions, lovely fabric, great end result..... seems simple enough for me to handle.  So off I go..... it was sooooo exhausting to complete the first cushion cover!  It was at best presentable, but not perfect.  After a day's rest, I started on the second identical cushion cover.  Now, this I was proud of -- looked like something you would get at some fancy shop going for lots of $$$$.

Tried new things, learnt new things, more things to learn...

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