Thursday, October 24, 2013

Owl Skirt

This is a long overdue post about a skirt that I made for myself more than a year ago.  I hardly sew clothes for myself (other than this DIY shorts) for fear that it'll end up horrible looking and I'd have to throw it out.... what a waste of time, effort AND fabric!

Of course, I visited my best friend, Google, and visited numerous sites in search of something do-able, a skirt maybe?  My favourite was "The Circle Skirt Tutorial" by MADE.  Clear tutorial, GORGEOUS photos of skirts!  Pity I didn't have enough fabric to make a circle skirt, so I adapted and just used a rectangular piece of cloth and attached it to a 2-inch thick black elastic.  I also added pockets as I always seem to have something to carry around..... tissue paper, mobile phone etc... So here it is:

DIY Owl Skirt

Pockets added to skirt

Didn't turn out too bad, right?  Well..... as I was sewing the owl cloth to the elastic band, I was struggling so badly with it.... In the process, I think I overstretched the elastic and the skirt ended up way too big.  See.... what did I tell you about wasting time effort and fabric?

So this skirt was hanging in my wardrobe for months and months until one fine day, it fitted me perfectly!  I was preggy and this once-too-big waistband fitted under my belly just right!  Phew... luckily I didn't throw it out.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Stegosaurus' Friend

Right after the craft party, I showed my little one the Stegosaurus that I made and also the packs of corrugated paper in the goodie bag that I got.  He was thrilled and wanted to make more stuff.  At first he wanted to make animals that were shown on the packaging but he eventually settled on his all-time favourite -- a dinosaur!

For a more kid-friendly project, we used white glue instead of a hot glue gun.  As the white glue dried so slowly, we had to leave all the parts aside to dry before we could do anything else.

Waiting for the white glue to dry...

After about half a day, the white glue was finally dry and we could proceed to assemble the pieces.  The hot glue gun was used this time as everything just kept falling apart when white glue was used.  And, ta-daa..... a dinosaur friend for Stegosaurus -- a Triceratops!


Now, both Stegosaurus and Triceratops live in their own little world  :)

Stegosaurus & Triceratops