Friday, August 22, 2014

Batik Skirt

I've been sitting on my load of batik fabric for ages..... Finally, I got off my bum and made a skirt using the pink-yellow-gray batik fabric.  In my younger days, my wardrobe was mainly blacks, blues, grays, and other dull colours.  While I'm starting to embrace colour, I was still a little wary of being "too bright".  Thus, I toned it down a little by adding a black band of fabric at the bottom edge.  This band also conveniently hid the raw edges of the batik cloth.  At the elastic band area, I added a line of sewing snugly against the top of the elastic.  I think this gives it a more finished look compared to not having this line.  I like to match this with a plain black top so that the focus is on the skirt :)

First cut into my batik fabric

Batik skirt completed!

Close-up of batik skirt

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