Friday, August 1, 2014

Customised Hand-carved Owl Stamp

As you recall, I have an owl-loving friend, M.  She was one of the first few people who adopted my plush owls and she also requested that I make more owl pillow cases and cushion covers.  Since I'm into carving stamps now, I asked her if she would like an owl stamp of her own.  She sent me an old photograph which had cute plush owls that her aunt made for her and asked if I could do something like that.

After hunching over the rubber block for about an hour, my neck was aching and my eyes hurt.... boy, this is hard work!  Quite pleased with what I came out with:

Customised owl stamp from childhood toy
If anyone's interested in getting a customised hand-carved rubber stamp, feel free to drop me an email :)


  1. Very cute. Never tried this before, and didn't realise it would be such hard work!

  2. Thanks, Agy! I'm pretty new to this, so it takes lots of time to get it right