Friday, August 8, 2014

Blythe Dress with Sleeves

I spend quite a fair bit of time on Pinterest and of the Blythe doll dresses that I like, there was a common trait - puffy sleeves and cute collars!  My previous attempt with sleeves and collars wasn't a success.... the sleeves were too long, and the pointy collar was overlapping too much at the back.

Using a combination of a few patterns on hand, and finally using some lace, here's what my second attempt looks like:

Japanese fabric dress

Hmmm..... I think adding lace at the bottom of the skirt is cute and I quite like the bold fabric print.  Things I didn't quite like?  The ugly collar, the too tight cuffs and the slightly too baggy sleeves.....  Oh well, with each try I learn something new.  Hope to get better at this so that my Misha has prettier clothes to wear :)

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