Friday, August 15, 2014

Kick Scooter Carrying Strap

As there is an overwhelming amount of information on sewing more girly stuff online, I would like to continue with more boy stuff.  This time, I moved on to a kick scooter!

Having had 2 bicycles stolen before (1 was stolen from right outside my main door!), I just can't bring myself to get another bicycle unless we have lots of space to keep it indoors.  As I also don't drive, I missed the convenience of being able to get to nearby places in minutes.  After some research online, I finally got myself a kick scooter so that I can scoot to the bus-stop or train station or the supermarket.

In order to bring it along with me on public transport, I needed a carry strap.  All it took was a few cheap supplies and sewing a few straight lines and ta-daaa, I had a carrying strap!  Total damage? Less than $4 for the strap and buckles, and less than 15 mins of sewing time.  What do you think?

Kick Scooter Carrying Strap

Top buckle

Bottom buckle